Morning Roar: Lions in a legitimate race

Good Morning and ROOOAAARRR!!!!

In some ways, Detroit probably hoped this week could be a coronation of sorts. A chance to clinch a playoff berth -- a divisional title -- in front of a nationally televised audience on "Monday Night Football."

Instead, the Lions might be playing Monday night to merely survive.

This is what happens after losing three of four games, including having fourth-quarter leads in all three of those losses. Add to that two other divisional teams that won't go away and there's now a legitimate playoff race for Detroit to contend with.

"Obviously we are in a race for the division title," Detroit coach Jim Schwartz said. "We have three games to play. You say it all the time that you can’t really worry about what’s happened in the past. You have to keep your eyes focused on the future.

"It starts Monday night with the Ravens. That’s about all you can really say about that.”

They might not want to worry about what has happened before, but they every reason to be concerned about how that past has set up a pressure-filled present if they want a playoff future.

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