QOTW: What other job would you have?

Question of the Week is a feature where we ask different Detroit Lions the same question on various topics -- some funny, some issue-based, some football-related and some completely off the wall. To suggest a potential question for QOTW, email michael.rothstein@espn.com or make the suggestion on Twitter @mikerothstein

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- For every NFL player, there will come a time where playing football will no longer be an option. Be it talent or age or just the end of a career, eventually, every player must transition into something else.

But what if football were never an option -- at least on the professional level. What would some Detroit Lions have done then?

We caught up with some Lions to ask them for this week’s Question of the Week.

LB Rocky McIntosh: I’d be a FBI agent. That’s my dream, man. Oh yeah. Just have that power and authority and be secretive and do a lot of things like that.

Reporter: Are you going to do that when you’re done?

McIntosh: I interned down there and go visit those guys all the time and shoot with them and things like that, but probably not.

DE Willie Young: Take one guess? Right now I would be home in my buddy’s garage, Ryan Chance, and we would be building custom rods right now and shipping them out and getting ready to go catch some sailfish.

Reporter: That’d be pretty cool and I know you want to get into fishing. Are you building rods now?

Young: I’m going to get into that process with my buddy when I get back, man. He’s building right now and he’s built a few rods for me. He actually built the rod I have on my Twitter page, that one blue one, he made that rod for me. I’ve got my name on it, got the Lions logo on it, blue, silver and grey, I think it is. That’s definitely what I’ll be doing. When I get back home, just start doing that. I guess some time I’m going to set up a class to go get my captain’s license so I can start a small charter thing. Get a couple buddies to come down and, you know, just have a good time.

QB Kellen Moore: If football is not the option, then I probably wouldn’t be coaching. If I could be coaching, then I’d do that. If not, then I’d be a teacher.

Reporter: What would you teach?

Moore: I don’t know. Math or PE. Some sort of fun thing in school. History. I don’t know.

LG Rob Sims: Probably something in the car industry. Growing up, my uncle owned a couple car dealerships when I was younger. That’s what I want to do when I’m done playing. I’d probably be working towards that in some way.

Reporter: So selling cars? Like you’re the guy on the floor?

Sims: If I wasn’t playing football, I would be starting off selling cars, I would assume. And then eventually be an owner of some sort.

P Sam Martin: I obviously couldn’t have done it right out of college but I did a big project on franchising and you’ve got to have serious capital for that, which I couldn’t do. But I would have worked somehow towards being able to franchise. The ultimate goal.

Reporter: What would you have franchised?

Martin: One of the ones I looked into was Jimmy John’s. Jimmy John’s in a good one. Chik-Fil-A is a good one. But I really don’t know. I don’t have a good answer. I’m actually trying to figure out my life right now for when it’s time to make that decision.