Detroit Lions rooting interests

At this point in the season, this is a pretty simple exercise for the Detroit Lions. With where they are currently positioned, with a wild card an extremely, extremely unlikely possibility, there are only two teams for Detroit to pay attention to.

Chicago. And Green Bay.

With the Lions playing Monday night against Baltimore, they'll also know exactly where they stand before they take the field.

Chicago at Cleveland: The Lions want the Browns to win for one simple reason. If Chicago loses, it takes a small amount of pressure off of Detroit on Monday night as far as keeping pace with the Bears. It also gives the Lions a huge opportunity to put distance between themselves and the second-place team in the division with two weeks remaining.

Green Bay at Dallas: The Lions want Dallas to win for two reasons. First, a Cowboys win would severely diminish Green Bay's hopes of pulling off a divisional title if either Chicago or Detroit win, dropping the Packers below .500. Second, if Dallas ends up winning the NFC East and Detroit wins the NFC North, as long as they have the same record, the Lions would be the No. 3 seed. This would mean facing the No. 6 seed in the wild-card round and keeping them away from the No. 1 seed (probably Seattle) in the divisional round if they won a playoff game.

Philadelphia at Minnesota: Tying in what was mentioned in the Dallas scenario, the Lions would love to see a Minnesota upset over the Eagles, because if Dallas and Minnesota win, then the Eagles and Cowboys are once again tied atop the NFC East and that would make a difference in seeding for Detroit if it makes the playoffs.