Ten(ish) Questions With... WR Jeremy Ross

Each week during the season, we'll chat with a different Detroit Lions player or coach for a look at their lives on and off the field in a feature called "Ten(ish) Questions With ..."

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- He was cut by Green Bay in September, arrived in Detroit in October, won the returner's job in November and tied a Detroit Lions record as a returner in December.

Jeremy Ross has had a interesting season in the NFL -- but one that has turned out to be quite productive for the native Californian.

He is also one of the more engaging personalities in the locker room, so we caught up with him and chatted about his favorite joke and the movie "Hook."

What’s your favorite football memory?

Jeremy Ross: I would have to say, it just happened recently. The Philadelphia game. Playing in that much snow, which was crazy to me. That was something I had never done, never experienced. Wild. I would say that’s now the top memory for football.

When you’re not playing football, what do you do? What don’t people know?

Ross: Watch movies. I don’t really have a hobby like, yeah, I do these things. I’m real simple. Chill. I like to watch movies, all different types of movies. Or go to the mall.

Favorite movie?

Ross: My favorite movie is Hook.

Wait, really? Like the Robin Williams Hook? Really?

Ross: Robin Williams Peter Pan, that Hook.

Why that Hook?

Ross: I’ve loved it since I’ve been a kid. I can still watch it. I do watch it. I like it. It’s really adventurous and it really takes me back. I like it and it’s a great movie. I liked it since I was a kid.

You remember the first time you ever watched it?

Ross: I don’t remember the first time I watched it. I was young, though. I think it was out on VHS or something like that.

You just dropped VHS. Most people won’t know what that is.

Ross: Yeah, yeah. Throwback.

How many times have you seen it?

Ross: More than 10.

So you own it now?

Ross: Yeah, I have it on DVD. They will know what DVD is.

Beyond Hook, is there a genre?

Ross: I just love movies, man. I just like different things about them, whether it be just the storylines about them, the plots. I’m not really like a movie critic but I just enjoy movies and take them for what they are. I’m real adventurous but I’m still a kid at heart so I still like the Pixar movies. But I just like different things about movies, whether it’s the inspiration of a movie, the comedies of a movie. The way they make the films, I’m interested in different things inside the movies and stuff, how they do it.

If football didn’t work out, was that a career path? Like act or be behind the camera?

Ross: Nah. I’d love to have my own show, like Jamie Foxx or Martin (Lawrence) or something like that. That’d be cool.

Are you funny enough to do that?

Ross: That’s the thing. I’m funny in conversation. I’m funny when we’re hanging out but on the spot go funny, I’m not sure that’s my cup of tea. Maybe if I would have started younger, then I probably could have did it. But now, I don’t think I’m that on the spot funny.

So what do you want to do when football is over?

Ross: It’s kind of up in the air. I’m not really sure. I don’t have it like the day football ends, this is what I want to do. So I’m not sure yet.

Any ideas?

Ross: Right, right. There’s different things, like staying in sports. Coaching or training, some type of thing, somewhere around those lines. I’d like to stay in sports in some sort.

You went to Cal, from California and then Green Bay and now Detroit, what was it like driving in the snow for the first time?

Ross: I had to drive really slow. The wheels, if I pressed the gas too hard, then the wheels started spinning. So I was driving really cautious on the roads, just driving really slow.

So you like Martin, you like Jamie Foxx, what’s your favorite appropriate joke?

Ross: On Martin, like from the show. I don’t have a favorite joke like let me tell you this joke. There’s a scene in Martin where they got snowed in and everybody, they didn’t have no food because they sent Cole out to go get some food and he came back with some frozen pizza, like literally it was frozen, like they dropped it and it shattered and he was frozen. So they were trying to scavenge around for food and Martin was supposed to go grocery shopping and he didn’t. They had no food in the house, at all. So they all spread out around the house, trying to find scraps and stuff. They all got their scraps and laid them on the table. It was like "I found this. I found these couple two nuts and one chip." Everybody was finding little small things. And Gina was over there, sneaking food, because she had a little thing and she started eating it so they had a little food. And Martin and Pam’s relationship, they don’t like each other so Martin’s clowning on Pam always. So he’s like talking to Pam, everybody got done putting their food out and he’s like, "So Pam, how much food you got stored up in your cheeks?" He was referring to her having big cheeks. The way he said it, it was just pure comedy to me.