Morning Roar: Old Lions coaches get hired

Good morning and ROOOOAAARRRR!!!!

It has been a good few days for former Detroit Lions coaches.

On Friday, the Buffalo Bills hired Jim Schwartz as the team's defensive coordinator and officially introduced him Monday. During his introductory press conference, he said he plans on bringing an attack defense to Buffalo.

He also had some interesting things to say about the Lions, the team that fired him after five seasons in December.

"In our business that is not unusual. I think if you look around, just about every coach has been in that position. Every coach has had some situation. There are some great ones that have been fired," Schwartz told reporters Monday. "It is part of this business and it is the way it goes. We do this because we love to do it.

"I graduated from Georgetown -- I think I was the first guy in the history of Georgetown to ever go into coaching. I did not do it because the money was here even though I have made a lot of money in my career and things like that. I did not do it to be on national TV. I did it because football is what I love the most. I played Division III football. It was non-scholarship. That is the attitude I have taken through my whole career. I work an awful lot, but I wouldn’t say I have a great work ethic. I just like what I do.

"When you combine your hobby and your profession, I think you’re in a great position. There was never a question of getting back on the horse, so to speak. It was just making sure that the opportunity was the right one. I am very confident that this is it."

It'll also give Schwartz an opportunity to face Detroit twice next season in Detroit -- once in the preseason and once during the regular season, perhaps on Thanksgiving.

The other big former Lions hire came Monday night, when Dallas hired former offensive coordinator Scott Linehan as the Cowboys' "passing game coordinator."

How this could work in Dallas will be interesting, as Bill Callahan -- last season's offensive coordinator in Dallas -- is still on staff. So an interesting situation for Linehan to walk into.

The good news for Dallas is Linehan ran a productive passing offense with the Lions and he is familiar working with a dynamic quarterback-receiver combination. In Detroit, he had Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Now he'll have Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.

The Lions' passing offense was in the top five in the league the past three seasons with Stafford running the team.

Both Linehan and Schwartz were fired on the day after the season.

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