Meet the free agents: WR Kevin Ogletree

Every day we’ll take a look at one of the Detroit Lions heading for free agency, what he has meant to the team, and a look at whether he will be back in 2014.

Free agent to be: Kevin Ogletree

Position: Wide receiver

Age: 26

Years in the league: 5

What he made last season: $546,765 (cap and cash value); $715,000 (base salary)

What he did last season: Ogletree started last season with Tampa Bay, was released and the signed with the Lions on Oct. 2. He caught eight passes for 70 yards and a touchdown in four games for Tampa Bay. In his final 12 games, he caught 13 passes for 199 yards and a touchdown for Detroit. He dropped two passes last season, but both came during his first four games with Tampa. He did not drop a pass in his final 12 games for the Lions.

His potential market value: Probably not a major one. He has shown flashes in the past of being a capable receiver, including a five-catch, 75-yard performance in the season finale against Minnesota last season. It was the third-best yardage game of his career. He is a good depth receiver and someone who has a good size/speed combination, but he has not shown the consistency to be a front-line receiver. He is a depth receiver at this point.

Will he fit the Lions still: Possibly. Ogletree’s return depends mostly on what Detroit decides to do with the other outside receivers. Calvin Johnson is a given. Kris Durham is likely to come back. The Lions are probably drafting a player to be an outside receiver as well. Does Ogletree fit in that? Possibly, but he would certainly be going into camp as someone who did not have a guaranteed roster spot and, depending on the draft and other free agents signed, would possibly be a roster long shot.

What happens: Ogletree told me before the season ended that he would like to remain in Detroit if he can. He has bounced around the NFL the past couple of seasons -- his career started in Dallas, then was with Tampa Bay and Detroit last season -- and he believes he can be an impact player. He probably isn’t an immediate signing for Detroit, especially since the team has other issues to address and higher priority free agents to sign, but he will likely at least get a look from Detroit. No guarantee that he ends up back with the Lions, though, although he’ll end up latching on with someone in the NFL.