Morning Roar: Lions could keep Leshoure

Good morning and ROOOOAAARRR!!!!

One of the most discussed Detroit Lions over the past four months, when it comes to being released or traded, has been running back Mikel Leshoure. The discussion makes sense -- he was a second round pick, has talent but hasn't played much -- but the former Illinois back might not be going anywhere any time soon.

At least that is what Detroit general manager Martin Mayhew has indicated.

"Yeah, I think he’s obviously a very talented guy. Did not get a lot of opportunities last year. Our system last year was really a two-back system. Whether he was up or Theo (Riddick) was up, if Joique and Reggie were healthy, they were going to get the bulk of the carries," Mayhew said. "The few times he had the opportunity to be up, he didn’t get a whole lot of action. Couldn’t break into the top two.

"If you go back and look at what the Saints did, they used multiple backs in a lot of different ways. I’m encouraged about that for Mikel, and it could bode well for him in terms of getting more playing time and having a more specific, defined role in our offense. I’m encouraged by that for him and look forward to seeing him when he gets back."

Leshoure was a second round pick for Detroit in 2011 and played in 14 games in 2012, rushing for 798 yards and nine touchdowns. He was barely used in 2013, though, playing in only three games and having two carries for nine yards. By the end of September, all Leshoure wanted to do was play, whether it was in Detroit or somewhere else.

With the way new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi could run the Detroit offense, Leshoure might now get that chance.

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