Offseason Blueprint: Lions

The new league year gets started in one week and four hours, with the free agent frenzy about to begin. While the enlarged salary cap for 2014 offers the Detroit Lions a bit more flexiblity than it initially appeared the team would have, there are still some major front office decisions to be figured out.

Those decisions -- along with a look at the roster, salary cap and free agency -- are all part of the offseason blueprintInsider put together by our ESPN Insiders.

Of all those things, the priorities set by the front office, something Louis Riddick looked at, are the most important for the Lions to deal with. All of the things Riddick hit on are major questions or needs for the Lions, including how the returning players will adjust to the new coaching staff led by Jim Caldwell and defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.

Two of the other issues -- including finding a complement for Calvin Johnson and dealing with Ndamukong Suh's contract -- have been covered often in this space over the past two months.