Morning Roar: A look at the cap

Good morning and RRROOOAAARRRR!!!!

With the 2014 salary cap being set late Friday afternoon at $133 million, the Detroit Lions now have a better idea of what they could be working with when the new league year opens on March 11.

And that number jumps a little north of $8 million for the team to sign free agents and draft picks.

While that may seem like a lot -- and, frankly, it should be enough for Detroit to handle most, if not all, of its needs -- remember, every other team now has that extra room as well so it could drive the market price up for some players who weren't expecting much of it.

Now this number will be fluid for Detroit, because the team could end up restructuring some more contracts and there is the looming Ndamukong Suh cap number -- $22.4 million starting March 11 -- that could change if Suh and the Lions could agree on an extension. The delay there is that Suh, as of early Monday morning, is still minus an agent for negotiations.

Either way, Detroit general manager Martin Mayhew has said multiple times that he is not concerned about the Lions' cap with or without a new Suh contract and the extra money that came to NFL teams was probably a potential reason why. But if Suh and the team can work out a deal -- something Mayhew is optimistic about -- the Lions could be bigger spenders in free agency than originally thought.

Now, a look around the Interwebs in search of Lions news (and a quick note ... I'll be on the road traveling to Bristol, Conn., for part of the day, so could be generally unavailable):