Morning Roar: The Polian FA tracker

Good morning and ROOOOOAAARRR!!!!

Greetings from yet another city, as I'll be in New York and on Long Island for the next few days.

But I wanted to draw your attention to what could be a fun tool as free agency starts to really become the focus over the next week when it comes to the Detroit Lions. Colleague Bill Polian, who was a successful NFL general manager and is now an ESPN analyst, breaks down grades and potential contract guesses for every free agent entering 2014.

Somewhat surprisingly, Polian rates defensive end Willie Young as the best Detroit free agent with a B- grade, meaning that he could be on the lower end of the $2 million to $6 million range when free agency hits. The No. 2 free agent was even more of a shock -- backup quarterback Shaun Hill.

As for Brandon Pettigrew, who is a likely priority free agent for Detroit, he comes in at a C grade.

What about the position most talked about with the Lions, wide receiver? He has Golden Tate as the top available free agent, ahead of Eric Decker, Julian Edelman and Jacoby Jones.

To see Polian's entire tracker, check out this link.

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