Stafford hits full-court shot with football

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- While the Detroit Lions are hunting for players to surround Matthew Stafford, the quarterback is finding a way to have his own fun.

Including his version of crazy trick shots.

Stafford's girlfriend, Kelly Hall, posted a video of Stafford throwing a football full court from the corner and hitting nothing but net.

It's an impressive few seconds of video that you can watch here.

This is part of a good week for Stafford, who got a strong No. 2 wide receiver in Golden Tate. He signed with the Lions on Wednesday on the second day of free agency.

For context, when I covered Michigan, I saw Denard Robinson attempt this during "College GameDay" when the traveling basketball studio show came to Ann Arbor for the Michigan-Ohio State game. Robinson did not come close to making any of his attempts before running and making a layup. Then again, Robinson is now an NFL running back, not a quarterback.