Morning Roar: How Caldwell can succeed

The Lions, lying in wait for a new year ...

New Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell has given a lot of explanations of how he plans on winning right away. His bosses, from vice chairman Bill Ford Jr. on down, have said that is not only the goal, but the expectation.

But saying it and actually doing it are two vastly different things -- and one Lions beat writer spent the NFL owners meetings getting some advice for Caldwell on how he can actually accomplish the goal.

Dave Birkett from the Detroit Free Press spoke with a couple of other coaches at the meetings to have them explain how they won in their first seasons in their current NFL stops. As for how Caldwell is doing it, here is part of what he told the Free Press.

"You have to be able to set standards, you have to be able to give them guidance and direction without being overbearing, without being a micromanager,” Caldwell told the paper. “But things that matter to you in terms of standards and things of that nature have to be set and set early, and they have to be fought for on a daily basis.”

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