Will Stafford have Cold Stone at wedding?

It's apparently a good week to be Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

He began the week by having his engagement to long-time girlfriend Kelly Hall announced on the social networks, as the two have been dating since college. Part of how the engagement was announced was Hall wearing a massive ring on her left ring finger while she and Stafford ate some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.

The folks at Cold Stone apparently noticed and are now offering to do dessert and the wedding cake for the wedding for free.

TMZ Sports spoke with the co-CEO of Cold Stone, Michael Serruya, who said "We'd love to provide dessert for everyone at the wedding."

No word on how many toppings will be allowed per patron, though. One would have to think Cake Batter will be one of the flavor options, however, it being a wedding and all.

Hall expressed excitement about this on her ever-growing Instagram account.