Morning Roar: Johnson finds a loophole

The Lions, lying in wait for the new year ...

Calvin Johnson isn't going to let the new NFL rules change the substance of his post-touchdown routine. All the Detroit Lions wide receiver will have to do is alter it a little.

That is his message, as told to the Detroit Free Press, about the NFL's new rule banning dunking over the goalposts. If anything, Johnson's new old maneuver will become more athletic than what he has done in the past, as his new challenge will be simulating a dunk without touching or shaking the goalpost.

He's one of two players in the NFL who will likely be able to do this with ease, joining the other NFL post-touchdown dunker, New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham.

Good on Johnson for taking a mini-stand with this. While the NFL appears to be trying this rule out to keep from altering the goalposts and then extending game times by fixing them, Johnson won't let it take his fun out of the game. And remember, as big of a business as the NFL has become, it is still in many ways just a game. And there is nothing wrong or lewd or even mildly upsetting about the way Johnson -- and Graham -- celebrate their touchdowns.

If anything, it just shows how gifted the two of them actually are.

On a personal note, thank you for all of your messages, notes and kind words on the passing of my mother on April 18 at age 62. She is missed immensely by her friends, her family and, obviously, by me. This was the eulogy I delivered at her funeral on April 20. Hopefully you could take something from it.

Again, thank you and it is good to be back at work.

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