Morning Roar: Welcome to draft week

The Lions, lying in wait for the new year...

After weeks and months of waiting, it's finally, finally here. Welcome to the week of the NFL draft.

This is likely going to be an odd week for so many prospects. Excitement because they will finally know where they are going and can have the months-long questioning end. Nervous because as in every draft, they have seen prospects rise and fall and some go to teams they have not spoken with -- not even once.

There's also a lot of questioning for teams and for scouts. The three days at the end of the week -- and the hours immediately following the draft -- are the culmination of a year's worth of work. For some people in Detroit -- and other front offices around the league -- what happens at the end of this week will determine whether or not they have their same jobs one year from now.

And for fans, they can finally have new players to root for after waiting and wondering about what was going on in those front offices over the past few months. We'll have a bunch of draft stuff here the rest of this week. I'm in the air heading back to Michigan this morning -- and Lions general manager Martin Mayhew talks this afternoon for his annual pre-draft meeting with reporters.

And now, a look at Lions news from around the Interwebs: