Morning Roar: A 2015 mock draft?

The Lions, lying in wait for the new year...

The 2014 draft is less than a week from being completed, but as is expected, thoughts toward the 2015 draft arise -- and the 2014 season hasn't even had its first practice of training camp yet.

Based on the current rosters, though, the folks over at Football Outsiders combined with ESPN analyst Todd McShay put together a very, very, very rough estimate of what the 2015 draft would look like.

And it has some not-so-great news for Lions fans.

Detroit would again be picking in the top half of the draft -- and that means again not making the playoffs. On the positive side, though, the Lions might actually take a defensive back for the first time this century.

Here's a look at what McShay cobbled together for a way early 2015 draft.

And now, a look at Lions news from around the Interwebs: