Morning Roar: Justin Bannan's home OK

Good morning and ROOOOAAARRRR!!!!

As Detroit Lions defensive tackle Justin Bannan prepared to face the Arizona Cardinals last week, he also turned some focus toward another part of the western United States.

To Colorado, where he went to school and where he now makes his home year-round. Record rainfall combined with the topography of the state led to massive flooding throughout the region, including in Boulder, Colo., home of his alma mater.

Bannan still lives in the state and said his home in Castle Rock, an hour south of Boulder and between Denver and Colorado Springs, was not damaged.

"We were paying attention," Bannan said. "It never rains like that. Very odd. It's a shame what happened. It's tragedy.

"Hopefully they can recover, heal and repair, you know."

Bannan also said he doesn't think any friends or acquaintances suffered the ravages of nature.

"I don't really know anyone that really got affected by the flood waters," Bannan said. "I just know there is tons of damage there."

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