Details of Eric Ebron's contract

The Detroit Lions have all of their draft picks under contract, and after seeing Eric Ebron's contract -- most of it slotted -- it is easy to see why the Lions waited to take care of him last.

Beyond commanding the most overall money and the most guaranteed, they just needed to make room for it -- something they did by releasing cornerback Chris Houston.

Ebron, the No. 10 pick in May's draft, has a four-year deal with a club option for a fifth year, like all first-round picks. All of Ebron's money will be guaranteed.

He received a $7,228,472 signing bonus along with his base salary and roster bonuses -- all guaranteed.

Let's start with his base salaries: $420,000 in 2014; $776,779 in 2015; $1,233,558 in 2016 and $1,590,337 in 2017. He also has roster bonuses of $200,000 in 2015, $300,000 in 2016 and $500,000 in 2017. All are fully guaranteed.

Then there is the most important thing, his salary-cap number. His cap charge will be $2,227,118 in 2014, $2,783,897 in 2015, $3,340,676 in 2016 and $3,897,455 in 2017. His signing bonus is spread out as a $1,807,118 proration over the four-year deal.

In other words, he should have plenty of money to pay for his wedding to North Carolina women's basketball player Brittany Rountree.

All salary numbers in this post were provided by ESPN Stats & Information.