Morning Roar: Lions start using pads

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- After two days in shorts and another two in just shoulder pads, the Detroit Lions are expected to practice with all of their pads Friday for the first time this season.

This means coaches will get a chance to really evaluate some of the players on the roster bubble -- as well as others -- a little bit better as well. Lions head coach Jim Caldwell has often said a player was just in shorts when asked to evaluate someone, so this should give him the beginnings of a fuller picture of who he has on his 90-man roster.

"It's going to be a situation where we'll do maybe a little bit more heavy hitting, but you get most of your work in this league in terms of tackling and taking guys to the ground during preseason games," Caldwell said. "That's kind of where you get the majority of it. We'll do some isolated things, but for the most part you want to see whether or not a guy can carry his pads, run in his pads, in the heat."

He also wants to analyze the leverage players use when they have pads on instead of just shorts.

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