QOTW: Where are Lions in 10 years?

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Most football players understand their careers are going to be short. Time playing professional football is finite for everyone -- and for most, the time in the NFL ends up being a short but notable blip on the entirety of their lives.

In two weeks, some of the players on the Lions could be out of football for good and in 10 years, most of Detroit's current players won't be in the league anymore. That begged this question somewhat early this season: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What will you be doing?

Here, as always, are answers from Lions players:

Wide receiver Kevin Ogletree: "July 31, 2024? I'd be 36 and 360 days. Maybe on the other side of these shoulder pads, maybe I'm interviewing one of these lucky guys, like you, man. You never know, man. I don't have a 10-year plan. I have more of a five-year one. But 10 years sounds like far from now. Hopefully I'm on some golf course hitting some good balls."

Cornerback Mohammed Seisay: "I see myself retiring. Hopefully just coaching, perhaps. Enjoying life. Living on the west coast, that beautiful weather. That's my idea."

Safety James Ihedigbo: "Wow, that's tough. Working in commercial real estate in Houston as a real estate investor. I have a passion for it. I really like it. I live in Houston. It's a city that's growing."

Reporter: How'd you get into that?

Ihedigbo: "Just a mutual friend and I really liked it. Really liked how the business works. All of that."

Cornerback Darius Slay: "I see myself, man, just being the best I can be. Reaching my potential and make sure giving it my all. And be the best father I can possibly be."

Right tackle LaAdrian Waddle: "Hopefully still playing. That's the plan. I would like to be still playing."

Right tackle Corey Hilliard: "Ooh, man. Might be having a hip replacement or knee replacement. [Joking]. Hopefully I have some type of business going on. Hopefully I have a job and let's see in about 10 years, my daughter will be about 15 so hopefully I'm going to a lot of her games or whatever she's into. My son will be 12 so hopefully I'll be with what he's doing."

Safety Glover Quin: "Haaa, definitely not playing football. Oh man, I don't know, man. This time of year, I might be on vacation this time of year just because I can. Ten years from now I might be at the Olympics or something this time of year. Definitely not playing football. I'm enjoying my life."

Safety Don Carey: "Oh bro, somewhere pastoring or teaching some Bible study or doing some missionary work out some place. Raising my kids, be that guy. Have a couple businesses, employing at least 60 people by that time. Hopefully, I'm that guy."

Fullback Jed Collins:: "Well, in the offseason I've been getting my certification in financial planning so getting released early on you realize you always have to set up a Plan B. So something in the financial industry, use my accounting background. Use that certification when I need it. Hopefully 10 years down the road I'm enjoying a few children with my life and looking back on my glory years with a smile."