QOTW: Who makes Lions players laugh?

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Days during training camp can be long and tough. Players are away from their families, their friends. The only people they sometimes see are their teammates, their coaches and the media.

In this vein, I ended up curious about one thing: Who, exactly, makes these players laugh the most?

When some asked whether I meant on the team, I just responded with 'in life, who is the person who makes you laugh the most' and they could answer however they wanted. Somewhat surprisingly, most stuck with people close to them. These are their answers:

Cornerback Rashean Mathis: "My son (Rashean Jr.). It’s just amazing. It’s a wonderful creation, to see his own personality. You have mothers and you have fathers with their personalities, but to see a little kid grow up and develop his own personality and learn something new each week, it’s amazing. Recently, what has he done. I’m trying to see. I’ve been in camp the last couple weeks.

"One thing, it makes me laugh and makes me proud. I video record him all the time. So I swing my golf club in the house all the time. He has a golf club and to see him ... I’ll get golf balls for him ... so to see him swing the golf club and he finishes, he makes sure he finishes on his toes like he really knows what he’s doing and he waits for me to look for approval. It’s funny. It’s awesome to see, but it’s funny at the same time. He’s 2."

Wide receiver Ryan Broyles: "My wife (Mary Beth). You just never know what you get out of her. We have a one-on-one conversation and she can be so funny, but she really thrives when she’s around other people. She really catches me off-guard with some of the things she says. She has no sensor at all."

Offensive lineman Travis Swanson: "That’s a tricky one. ... As far as people that just make me laugh, all the O-line guys that I’ve been around. All the guys here are hilarious. All my O-line buddies back in college were hysterical. There’s one guy back in college. His name is Austin Beck. He was kind of a guy that if you needed any laugh whatsoever, you could go to him. He wouldn’t even know that he would do it. He would just do something. He thought he was the best dancer in the world, but he was the worst dancer in the world. So any time, obviously there was music playing in the locker room and stuff, he would kind of get it in his head and it was entertaining to watch."

Tight end Eric Ebron: "Who makes me laugh? My nephew (Legend Jackson). He does crazy stuff. Just different, man. He reminds me of me, that’s what makes me laugh. He’s hyper. He’s crazy. He just five (on Monday)."

Defensive lineman Larry Webster: "The whole D-line makes me laugh. (In your life?) My family. My friends. We’re always joking around about something. It’s basically everybody. I’m always laughing."

Wide receiver Golden Tate: "Jeremy Ross makes me laugh. (In your life?) Anyone with a good personality. I’m pretty easy to make laugh. I like the witty comments that if you don’t get a certain reference, you won’t get the joke. Like an inside joke with movies and things like that."

Offensive lineman Alex Bullard: "There’s a lot of people that make me laugh, but the person that makes me laugh the most is my best friend (Justin Cash) back home. We’ve known each other for so long and we have our inside jokes. When you’ve been best friends with somebody, you have non-verbal communication that’s funny. We laugh at the same things."

Cornerback Cassius Vaughn: "My wife (Monica). She’s just silly, man. I’ve been with her for so long. ... She’s like my best friend, my everything. She funny. She knows how to make me laugh and keep my mind right. (What does she do?) Anything. You have a bond with somebody for so long, all the mushy stuff go out the door and it’s just we have a good time together and we love that. That’s just how my house is. We have a good time, secure, have a good time making each other laugh and enjoy each other."