Lions Sunday Mailbag: What does national TV attention mean?

The Detroit Lions learned their exact schedule this week. Offseason voluntary workouts started, too. So there's a lot going on right now with the Lions, and we'll hit on the personnel side of things in this edition of the Lions Mailbag.

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Now, on to your questions.

@mikerothstein: It helps -- at least the opponents they are getting out of the way early. Better to play Minnesota in September than December outside. Better to play Seattle early in the season than late, when the Seahawks always seem to get going. So those two things are good for Detroit, even if I think the Lions lose both those games right now. It also set up a schedule where the Lions play in domes in two of their final three road games. If you're Detroit, that's a big, big win to play in climate control instead of outside in the cold.

@mikerothstein: Big offseason for Broyles. His wife is expecting their first child soon. They went to New York and a whole bunch of other places on vacation. If you're talking about his on-field stuff, as far as I'm aware Broyles is healthy and that's a big win for him considering every other professional offseason he has had. We won't get a glimpse of him until May, but my guess is he shows out pretty well during OTAs and minicamp. He knows he has a lot of work to do to make the roster and he's finally healthy and able to show what he can do throughout an entire offseason and, theoretically, season. Considering the uncertainty at receiver behind Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson, he's got a shot.

@mikerothstein: I'd go with mostly B, which still surprises me to an extent considering how much the Lions lost on the defensive line. But the Lions have a star in Calvin Johnson, emerging ones in Tate and DeAndre Levy and a name quarterback in Matthew Stafford. So that makes them attractive. Plus, they are coming off a playoff appearance, which helps. The NFL doesn't want duds for games in the league's marquee time slots, so it means the NFL likely thinks Detroit is going to be pretty good this year. Or at least entertaining to watch.

@mikerothstein: I have not heard anything on C.J. Mosley, so not much information I can give you there. As far as Rob Sims, general manager Martin Mayhew said Friday that the team had an offer out to him three weeks ago. Sims has told me many times -- although I haven't spoken with him recently -- that he would like to stay in Detroit, where his family has built a home. This would seem like a potential post-draft reconnection as long as the Lions don't draft a guard they expect to play immediately. I'll see if I can find anything out on Mosley.

@mikerothstein: This is a tough one, because there are so many other factors involved -- what is the player's history? What are the details behind the incident? What was he arrested for? There's also the honest reality that if it is a player who is desirable and talented enough to command a strong market, the Lions would probably ride with him for a little bit until things shook out. I believe Martin Mayhew and Jim Caldwell when they say character matters. I think you've seen it in the past with players they've drafted and taken. But it is all extremely situational.