Does Green Bay's winning streak over Detroit affect Vegas line?

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – While much has been made of the Detroit Lions’ long losing streak in the state of Wisconsin – 23 games in a row to the Green Bay Packers – there are two groups of people who don’t pay it all that much attention.

The first would be the players and coaches in the game, who have gone out of their way to say it doesn’t matter. The second group is the people who set the betting lines for Sunday’s Packers-Lions game.

“A streak like that won’t affect the line too much because over time, matchups change, teams change, it’s not the same thing,” said Kevin Bradley, the sportsbook manager at online gambling site Bovada. “But a lot of people do like trends like that. There’s a lot of bettors that look at trends and like betting on trends.”

Bradley said because of turnover among teams in the NFL, streaks like the Packers’ one over Detroit don’t matter as much. He’ll typically look at the specific matchup, statistics and historical lines between the teams and how they got there.

The line for Sunday’s game opened with Green Bay being favored by 7.5 points. Bradley said that line wasn’t affected as much by the streak as it has been by the way Green Bay has played at home this season and at home against Detroit in recent years.

The Lions have lost at Green Bay by an average of 6.5 points over the past four seasons, so Sunday’s line fits in line with it.

Bradley said the suspension of Detroit center Dominic Raiola did not have much impact in the setting of the line or having it move. Due to the importance of Sunday’s game to both teams, Bradley said the Green Bay-Detroit line is one of the most “solid” on the board, meaning the line likely won’t move too much.

And the streak won’t play into that much.

“We try not to look back too far because obviously a team changes over every five, 10, 15, 20 years,” Bradley said. “We’re more so looking at the matchup in this particular situation but there is something to the fact of how good Green Bay has been at home against Detroit but also at home in general. But when we’re putting up these lines, we’re not going to let that affect our judgment too much.”