Meet the Detroit Lions free agent: FB Jed Collins

Every day we'll take a look at one of the Detroit Lions heading for free agency, what he has meant to the team before and a prognosis on whether or not he'll be back with the club in 2015. Previous free agents profiled are here.

Free agent to be: Jed Collins

Position: Fullback

Age: 28

Years in the league: 5

What he made last season: His cap and cash number was $710,000 -- $645,000 in base salary and a $65,000 signing bonus.

What he did last season: Collins played in every game for Detroit this season, rushing eight times for 19 yards and catching five passes for 39 yards and a touchdown. He gained first downs on 62.5 percent of his rushes and converted 83.3 percent of his third down chances. He ran 67 routes and was targeted six times, catching five of those passes. He was not blamed for any drops. He played in 239 of 1,039 snaps this season as the team's primary fullback.

His potential market value: Medium. There is not a high demand for fullbacks in the league, although Collins has shown he can block fairly well and catch passes, so there might be more of a demand there. His career has essentially been in a similar offense, though, as the Lions and New Orleans Saints offenses have very similar traits.

Will he fit the Lions: Sure. He fit what Detroit wanted this season well and did his job. He knows the offense and is a smart player. The Lions are going to continue to want a fullback on the roster, so the only question would be if they would try to find a cheaper option than Collins -- who would still likely end up being a vet minimum player.

What happens: This seems like a likely re-sign for Detroit. Collins did his job well, is a good special teams player and a known commodity at this point for Joe Lombardi and the Lions staff. Detroit has a lot of decisions to make at other positions, so this seems like an easy one to get out of the way as long as Collins wants to return.