Morning Roar: Some Caldwell impressions

Good morning and ROOOAARRRRR!!!!

DETROIT -- He hung around until the very end. That's the first thing that stuck out to me about Jim Caldwell on Wednesday afternoon.

When covering various hirings of various coaches and athletic directors on the college level in the past, the subject of the new hire would stick around for a little while after to answer questions, but usually they'd be gone soon after the official news conference was over, whisked off to another spot to meet more people.

Caldwell hung around for at least an hour after everything was done. Was some of this public relations? Sure. But he answered similar questions over and over and was engaging, fiery and had emotion. Or, as Detroit Lions vice chairman Bill Ford Jr. put it, the perception and reality of Caldwell are two different things.

None of the positive first impressions mean anything as of today. It's about building a staff and winning games. Those two things -- not the endorsements he received or his ability to be an engaging speaker -- will be the barometer of his success or failure in Detroit.

Some other small nuggets about Caldwell:

He'll run a 4-3 defense, as expected. This is something that was stressed by GM Martin Mayhew on the day the team fired coach Jim Schwartz. That is just where their personnel is right now. It hasn't been official, but Teryl Austin has been the name linked to being his defensive coordinator since the day he interviewed in Detroit.

Offensively, he didn't want to get into too much scheme, but did say the Lions would be more "one-back than we are a two-back" with the ability to audible (everyone does this at the NFL level, though). This isn't shocking considering the Lions' personnel, but don't be surprised if Detroit carries a fullback on the roster. Caldwell had a fullback in Indianapolis in 2011 and in Baltimore last season. He had no fullback in 2009 or 2010. Of course, Montell Owens could end up being a fullback if the Lions need that in their current roster.

Caldwell quoted Bible passages multiple times, quoted former Michigan football coach Fielding H. Yost and John Wooden on Wednesday. This is what he said as part of the Wooden quote: "He said you should never mistake activity for achievement. I believe that." Again, this doesn't mean much, just interesting.

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