Lions draft outlook: Tight ends

Two of the major college all-star games took place last Saturday. The Senior Bowl happens this Saturday with practices all week.

Many of the players selected in May’s draft will come from these three games or from underclassmen who decided the time was right to turn professional. Over the next two weeks, pairing with our position outlook series, we’ll take a quick preview look and look back at some names to become familiar with over the next four months as the NFL draft process crawls along.

Today continues with tight ends, a spot where the Lions need somebody -- but drafting a tight end might come down to whether or not the team re-signs Brandon Pettigrew or another tight end in free agency.

Previous looks: Quarterbacks; Running backs; Wide receivers.

NFLPA game:

  • Brian Wozniak (6-4, 257, Wisconsin). Had two catches for 25 yards in game. Had six catches for 33 yards and four touchdowns this season. Good blocker.

  • Chris Coyle (6-3, 222, Arizona State). One catch for three yards in game. Caught 29 passes for 423 yards and four touchdowns in 2013. No. 17 tight end.

Shrine Game:

  • Crockett Gillmore (6-6, 255, Colorado State). Had one catch for seven yards in Shrine game and 47 catches for 577 yards and two touchdowns this season. No. 14 tight end. Invited to Senior Bowl.

  • Jordan Najvar (6-6, 260, Baylor). Had one catch for 31 yards in the game and 10 catches for 85 yards this season. No. 34 tight end.

  • Ted Bolser (6-6, 252, Indiana). Had two catches for 8 yards in the game and 35 catches for 320 yards and six touchdowns this season. No. 22 tight end.

Senior Bowl prospects:

  • C.J. Fiedorowicz (6-5 3/8, 264, Iowa, No. 86 North) Had 30 catches for 299 yards and six touchdowns. No. 6 tight end.

  • Arthur Lynch (6-5, 254, Georgia, No. 88 South) Had 30 catches for 459 yards and five touchdowns. No. 9 tight end.

  • Gator Hoskins (6-2, 244, Marshall, No. 26 North). Could also be a fullback. Interesting prospect to watch. Had 50 catches for 821 yards and 15 touchdowns last season.

  • Jacob Pedersen (6-5, 240, Wisconsin, No. 86 North) Had 39 catches for 551 yards and three touchdowns. No. 7 tight end.

  • Marcel Jensen (6-5 1/4, 266, Fresno State). Won’t play in game. Replaced by Gillmore. Had 26 catches for 353 yards and three touchdowns this year. No. 8 tight end.

  • Gillmore (No. 86 South)

Others not in major all-star games:

  • Eric Ebron (6-4 1/8, 231, North Carolina) Caught 62 passes for 973 yards and three touchdowns. No. 1 tight end.

  • Austin Seferian-Jenkins (6-6, 266, Washington). Had 36 catches for 450 yards and eight touchdowns. No. 2 tight end.

  • Jace Amaro (6-5, 255, Texas Tech). Had 106 catches for 1,352 yards and seven touchdowns. No. 3 tight end.

  • Richard Rodgers (6-4, 245, California) Listed as a wide receiver this year but has size to be a tight end. Had 39 catches for 608 yards and a touchdown.