'N Sync reaches out to Fauria on Twitter

In three career NFL football games with the Detroit Lions, rookie tight end Joseph Fauria has four catches, two touchdowns and now, one former boy band member tweeting at him about his dance moves.

After Fauria scored a 5-yard touchdown in the Lions’ 27-20 win over Washington on Sunday, he broke out part of the dance from the 2000 ‘N Sync hit, “Bye, Bye, Bye.”

And a day later, former ‘N Sync member Joey Fatone noticed and tweeted at Fauria.

Fatone was actually responding to what was apparently Fauria’s acknowledgement he was referencing ‘N Sync with his dance moves. And “Bye, Bye, Bye” was released on Jan. 17, 2000 -- the day after Fauria turned 10.

There also might be a charity money award in this for him as late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon challenged NFL players last week that if they broke out what he called the “Justin Timberlake” in a game, he’d match whatever fine he received and give it to charity.

The most coincidental part of all of this -- in the clip featuring the “Justin Timberlake” called the “Evolution of End Zone Dancing” -- is Fallon was actually wearing an old school football jersey with what appears to be Lions colors.

Fauria is fast becoming known for his end zone dancing.

After his touchdown in the season opener against Minnesota, he received some notoriety for his celebratory dance. Even his coach, Jim Schwartz, noticed.

“It’s actually on film and I don’t know if you want that,” Schwartz said the Monday after the season opener. “There’s a reason I don’t dance at weddings or anywhere else and that’s because of cameras and there’s a lot of cameras at NFL games. I’ll probably leave it at that.”

After this score, though, Fauria is starting to receive even more notice.