Inside Joique Bell's 17-yard touchdown run against Chicago

Joique Bell had the most impressive run of his 2014 season against the Chicago Bears and it came at a critical time, with the Detroit Lions trailing in a pivotal divisional game.

It was a run set up, though, by a pass interference flag drawn by Corey Fuller the play before, moving the Lions inside the red zone at the 17-yard line with 7:25 left in the game and the Lions trailing the Bears, 14-10.

The Lions were in the I-formation with Bell in back of fullback Jed Collins and Matthew Stafford under center. Jeremy Ross was lined up wide to the left and Detroit had Brandon Pettigrew and Kellen Davis as dual tight ends tight on the right side of the formation on the line.

Chicago, meanwhile, stacked the box heavily with only a single-high safety. The Bears had 10 players within four yards of the line of scrimmage.

Stafford handed the ball off and like many other times this season, there was not much room for Bell to run when he reached the offensive line. He actually paused for a second in the middle of the field before back-stepping and then cutting to the left, backing up all the way to the 19-yard line before rushing to the left side of the field.

Collins, left guard Rob Sims and center Dominic Raiola actually did a good job blocking their men, but the hole between Raiola and Sims never materialized. This forced Bell to pause behind them and make his juking cutback.

Reiff lost his block on defensive end Cornelius Washington, who immediately sprinted right as Bell cut.

Sims and Reiff seemed to think the play was over because Bell had two Chicago defenders, cornerback Kyle Fuller and Washington, in front of him with Ross trailing behind and were walking for a second.

Then Bell juked right and stiff-armed a diving Washington, creating a hole for himself. Washington had good positioning on the play and was somewhat blocked by his teammate, Fuller, allowing for the upfield cut.

Once that happened, Reiff started sprinting toward the last Chicago defender, safety Brock Vereen, and Ross turned back upfield as well behind Bell. Reiff couldn’t get there and the defender went low at Bell's thighs to try and tackle him.

Bell absorbed the contact at the 5-yard line, spun off and stayed in bounds at the 3-yard line before sliding into the end zone for the touchdown, giving Detroit a 17-14 lead and an eventual victory in Chicago.