Lions Mailbag: Trades and draft decisions

Super Bowl XLVIII starts in a few short hours and while I'll have my official prediction up a couple of hours before the game, there are still plenty of Detroit Lions questions to get to.

After all, the Lions' goal is to reach this game at some point in franchise history.

How does Detroit do that? Some of the answers in this week's Mailbag will give some clues. As always, the Mailbag is only as good as the questions you ask. To ask a question for next week's Mailbag, email michael.rothstein@espn.com or tweet a question with the hashtag #LionsMailbag.

Now, on to your questions.

Sam asks in an email Michael, Jim Caldwell plans to use more of a one-back system. What does this mean for Joique Bell and his future with the Lions?


It shouldn't change much, frankly. The Lions used a lot of one-back last season and both Bell and Reggie Bush found a lot of carries for themselves. In today's NFL, you almost have to have two running backs that can carry a big workload. Considering Bush did not play a full season again this year, Bell should have no concerns about how he would be used in Detroit in the future. He and Bush were one of the top running back tandems in the NFL. The real sign Detroit will go to a one-back system will be if the Lions do not draft or sign a true fullback in free agency. Caldwell has had a fullback on his roster both in Baltimore and Indianapolis.