Lions draft outlook: Defensive ends

The all-star games are over. The combine, which is the next area for potential draftees to prove anything, is less than a month away.

Many of the players selected in May’s draft will come from the three major college all-star games or from underclassmen who decided the time was right to turn professional. Over the next two weeks, pairing with our position outlook series, we’ll take a quick preview look and look back at some names to become familiar with over the next four months as the NFL draft process crawls along.

Today continues with defensive ends. Detroit will be looking for a defensive end somewhere, be it through the draft or free agency, where the Lions could end up bringing back Willie Young. It is highly unlikely the team would use a high selection on an end, though, considering pressing needs in other areas.

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NFLPA game:

  • Kasim Edebali (6-foot-1 3/4, 248 pounds, Boston College) Had 166 tackles and 11 sacks in his career. No. 24 defensive end..

  • Howard Jones (6-2 1/4, 229, Shepherd). Had 35 tackles, 12.5 tackles for loss and eight sacks this season. No. 33 defensive end.

Shrine Game:

  • William Clarke (6-6 1/8, 271, West Virginia). Had 49 tackles, 17 tackles for loss, six sacks, three pass breakups and five quarterback hurries. Also played in the Senior Bowl. No. 20 defensive end.

  • Ethan Westbrooks (6-3 1/2, 264, West Texas A&M). Had 43 tackles, 19.5 tackles for loss, seven sacks and 10 quarterback hurries last season. No. 26 defensive end.

  • Cassius Marsh (6-4, 254, UCLA). Had 60 tackles, 10.5 tackles for loss and six sacks last season. No. 21 defensive end

  • Josh Mauro (6-5 1/2, 276, Stanford). Had 51 tackles, 12.5 tackles for loss, six quarterback hurries and four sacks last season. No. 25 defensive end.

Senior Bowl prospects:

  • Kareem Martin (6-5 7/8, 272, North Carolina) Was named first-team All-ACC this season. Had 78 tackles, 11 sacks, 14 quarterback hurries and 20 tackles for loss in the regular season last season. No. 7 defensive end

  • Dee Ford (6/2 1/8, 243, Auburn) Had a great Senior Bowl week, being named MVP with two sacks in the Senior Bowl. Made 29 tackles, 14.5 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks last season. No. 8 defensive end.

  • Chris Smith (6-1 1/8, 266,Arkansas). Had 36 tackles, 11.5 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks and six quarterback hurries last season.

Others not in major all-star games:

  • Scott Crichton (6-3, 260, Oregon State). Had 47 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, 7.5 sacks and three forced fumbles last season. No. 6 defensive end.

  • Jackson Jeffcoat (6-4 1/4, 254, Texas) Consensus All-American in 2013. Had 86 tackles, 22 tackles for loss and 13 sacks last season. Also pressured the quarterback 19 times. No. 10 defensive end.

  • Aaron Lynch (6-5, 248, South Florida) Lynch transferred from Notre Dame and played one season for the Bulls. He had 30 tackles, 12.5 tackles for loss and six sacks last season. No. 13 defensive end.