QOTW: Superhero alter ego?

The lifestyle of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark is greatly admired in the Lions' locker room. AP Photo/Marvel

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- For a while, it looked like this would be a unanimous choice.

Then, as you'll see below, punter Sam Martin made a convincing argument to tight end Joseph Fauria as to why you wouldn't want to be Bruce Wayne.

This week's Question of the Week looked not at the all-too-common what superhero would you be, but rather what superhero alter ego would you prefer to take over if you had the choice.

So instead of Batman, you'd be Bruce Wayne. Or instead of Superman, you'd be intrepid reporter Clark Kent (surprisingly, no one wanted to be a news reporter).

But we'll start this week's version with the conversation between Martin, Fauria and a reporter about this topic -- If you could be a superhero alter ego, who would you be and why?

Lions punter Sam Martin: I think I know who I'm going to go with. I'm going to go with Tony Stark.

Lions tight end Joseph Fauria chiming in from a locker over: Ooh, that's a good one. But he's not an alter ego, he's still Tony Stark.

Martin: Well now he is. Can I go with that still?

Reporter: Yeah.

Fauria: Technicality.

Martin: Well, a couple reasons. One, he's a bajillionaire. For two, I think Iron Man is, by far, the most badass superhero. I think Iron Man would whoop Batman's ass. I love Batman, trust me.

Fauria: Dude, I think you're probably right. The alter ego, though?

Martin: Bruce is cool, but he's kind of messed up, dude. Like he has flashbacks about the cave (and stuff).

Fauria: His parents died.

Martin: Yeah, his parents are dead. So that's ...

Fauria: Well, Tony's parents are dead, too. But they didn't die in front of his eyes.

Martin: Yeah, but he's just living through his dad. Batman, he's like 'This sucks. My life is over.'

Fauria: Well, do you like Tony Stark or Tony Stark as Robert Downey Jr.?

Martin: Both. I'd pick Tony first, Robert second. I'd say, because he obviously lives the life, he's a bajillionaire. And he's a genius. Outside of his Iron Man-ness, he's very smart.

Reporter: So, Joe, who would you be?

Fauria: (sheepishly) Tony Stark. Tony Stark.

Reporter: He change your mind?

Martin: It's a convincing argument.

Fauria: Yeah.

Reporter: But remember, alter ego -- the superhero thing is obviously different.

Fauria: I don't want to take pictures like (Peter Parker). I don't want to report news, sorry, like Clark Kent.

And now, on to the opinions of other Lions...

RB REGGIE BUSH: Alter ego. Oh, Bruce Wayne, of course. Bruce Wayne had it all. He was a young, rich, good-looking guy. He gets the girls. Of course you want to be Bruce Wayne. Everybody wants to be Bruce Wayne. He was the man, but even when he wasn't the man, like Batman, he was still the man outside his alter ego. He still had all the nice cars, lived in a mansion, had a butler.

LB ROCKY McINTOSH: Batman. He's just mysterious. He has a little secretive side to him and I think that's me. When I get on the field I unleash another side of me that nobody else really sees.

Reporter: So you are Bruce Wayne now and Batman on Sundays?

McINTOSH: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I know, I got a concussion way back when and I came to the sidelines and the doctors asked me, 'Hey, who are you?' 'Batman.' True statement.

RG LARRY WARFORD: I'd be Bruce Wayne. You know how much money Bruce Wayne has? He has a cave with the world's most advanced technology and just buys cars whenever. He owns the whole city, basically. Freakin' Gotham. Who wouldn't want to be Bruce Wayne? What does he have to do for the rest of his life? Nothing.

Reporter: Except be Batman, right?

WARFORD: He doesn't even need to do that. That's his choice. I would just be Bruce Wayne for the rest of my life.

CB DARIUS SLAY: I don't know. Spider-Man, maybe?

Reporter: So you'd be Peter Parker?

SLAY: No, I can't be Peter Parker. I'd go with Bruce Wayne. Batman. Just cause he's clever. He stayed fresh. Stayed clean, you know. Sharp-looking. And all the girls like him, so hey.

WR CHARLES HAWKINS: My favorite character is Batman. I've been a Batman fan since I was younger. I had all his action figures. One of my favorite superheroes. I saw every movie, especially the last one, because it was the best. I would be, probably, Bruce Wayne. I like his swagger. Like he's so cool and calm, nothing really bothers him. Like even in the last one, when Bane broke his back, he still came back and fought and protected Gotham.