Impressive mile record for 10-year-old

Tailwind Track Club coach Carl Curran was worried when he saw Jonah Gorevic cross the 400-meter split of the Youth Boys Mile at last weekend's 2014 adidas Grand Prix in 1:11.07. It matched Gorevic's personal best in the 400-meter dash, but the 10-year-old continued his fast pace to a new world record of 5:01.55 for the 10 year old mile.

“In the first Icahn Stadium meet that I went to on April 13, I got 5:09. I was told the world record was 5:05,” Gorevic said. “So for two months and one day, I’ve been chasing it.”

Gorevic just wrapped up fifth grade at F.E. Bellows school in Rye Neck, New York. He will not be able to join his middle school track team until eighth grade, but will continue to train with Curran.

“He’s stuck with me,” Gorevic joked of his coach.

Breaking the five-minute barrier is already on Gorevic’s mind, and his coach was quick to add that the world record for a runner under 11 years old is 4:55.

“We had trained for a sub-five,” Curran said. “I think if it wasn’t so hot and a little windy on the backstretch, he probably would have given that a good run.”

Gorevic runs 10 to 12 miles per week and only trains with Curran two or three times per week. He also plays soccer.

“I just point him in a direction and he just goes,” Curran said.

The next direction could be towards 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, where Gorevic will only be 16 years old.

American Olympian Duane Solomon first broke five minutes for the mile in eighth grade and now has high expectations for Gorevic.

“He’ll probably be one of the one’s the watch,” Solomon said. “He could be the next Alan Webb or Jordan Hasay in the class of high school phenoms.”