The smart way to approach your 2017 fantasy draft

Nothing says "straight-up fantasy novice" like drafting LeGarrette Blount early in a PPR league. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

There’s really no “right” way to win a fantasy league so the first bit of advice I tend to share with prospective owners is to feel free to ignore every last bit of information passed on by my excellent colleagues in the ESPN Fantasy group -- and me. It might sound ridiculously counterintuitive, but the strategies and approaches I favor might not be so comfortable for you. It’s simply advice that I (mostly) follow and that’s about it, so I share with all. Entertain and inform. Inform and entertain. Rinse and repeat.

Some owners want to prove they can draft a quarterback in the top 10 and still win, and I certainly can’t deny it happens. Hey, draft a defense in Round 5 and it can happen. Leave your draft sans a tight end or with only two running backs and yes, it still can happen. There are myriad ways to secure a fantasy championship and most start on draft day. That said, although I prefer certain strategies and themes in drafting my team, it would be foolish to insist it’s the only way.

So as we approach the 2017 season, whether your drafts are piling up or you’re waiting on only one -- the most important draft ever in your lone league -- it seems a wise time to share thoughts not necessarily on individual players but the hows, whys and some basic philosophies. Some of these won’t jibe with your thoughts and hey, that’s OK.