Preparation, execution key in NL-only LABR auction

Charlie Blackmon makes for a nice cornerstone, and in the NL-only LABR draft, the price was right. Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire

PHOENIX -- The aftermath of executing a fantasy draft or auction plan tends to feel pretty good, I readily admit, though many would note the hard part comes later. Still, I recall leaving the LABR NL-only auction in Arizona last March thinking I hadn't succeeded in following through with my plan and that my team was awful -- and, unfortunately, I was correct.

This past weekend I got another shot and while there never are guarantees about whether a team chosen in early March can contend five and six months later, as injuries, performance and myriad factors sprout up, at least the chosen plan was effectively carried out.

Of course, in fantasy baseball it generally takes considerably more to win a league than a solid draft or auction, so those who have asked me about the team I chose Sunday night have been getting a standard answer: We shall see in a few months. After all, the plan could be flawed. Auctions are so much different than drafts and, thus, so much more compelling. Timing plays a key role. Simply looking at the prices of two players only tells so much, which I'll get to.

Use this information as a guide, if you will, but most of all please come to your auction with a plan, and good luck with it!