Second base fill-ins for Robinson Cano

The Mariners placed Robinson Cano on the DL Tuesday. Who can fantasy owners turn to in his absence? Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano, basically the most durable player in the major leagues for more than the past decade, has joined the dozens of others to have been placed on the disabled list, his many owners must be wondering what they did wrong to deserve this. After all, Cano rarely misses games. He has played in 156 or more each of the past 10 seasons, a streak that will end in 2017. This isn’t a major tragedy, mind you. Cano, assuming his sore quad improves, can actually return to the active lineup Tuesday, so don’t panic. In fact, those in weekly leagues probably don’t need to do anything at all.

It could have been much worse, of course. Four players selected ahead of Cano in ESPN average live drafts – he went 30th – are on the disabled list, and several of them won’t be returning anytime soon (Madison Bumgarner, Noah Syndergaard). Josh Donaldson was day-to-day with a calf injury and hasn’t played in more than a month. Cano could be back in a week. The Mariners can get by with Taylor Motter at the position for that stretch, but fantasy owners in daily formats can and should do better.

Here are some free-agent second basemen to look at: