Shohei Otani, J.D. Martinez and others to follow this offseason

Shohei Otani could have an impact right away, so it's well worth keeping an eye on where he lands if he jumps to Major League Baseball. AP Photo/Toru Takahashi, File

The final weekend of the 2017 baseball regular season is here, and there’s not a whole lot left for fantasy owners to do but enjoy the remaining days and hope the moves they’ve made work out. I’ll be watching the updated standings in a few leagues Sunday afternoon hoping for the best, that the players I invested in come through, but I’ve finished in second place in plenty of leagues, too. Just think how we’ll all feel on Monday with no more games. Sad emoji.

Anyway, I’ve spent this week highlighting fantasy’s best and worst for the season (hitting MVP, pitching MVP, closer MVP, and LVPs) and Monday will reveal my top 20 for next season (Tristan H. Cockcroft has his top 300, so check it out!) but for now, on a pleasant final Friday with all teams in action and possibilities galore, here are names to keep an eye on this offseason.