Our 2013 tennis tantrums of the year

Editor's note: On Dec. 9, we began our 10-part year-end awards series. Stay tuned each weekday for our latest entry.

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In the tense, competitive cauldron of a tennis match, emotions easily bubble over.

Led by the enforcement of the new time-violation rule and that old favorite, controversial calls, this year produced some extravagant displays of temper. As usual, umpires took most of the heat, but linesmen, opponents and the crowd all came under fire.

1. Jerzy Janowicz: Australian Open

Thanks to Janowicz, "How many times?!" is now a fixture in the tennis lexicon.

2. Viktor Troicki: Rome

The top two was a pick 'em. "There is no space!" hasn't quite caught on in the same way, but Troicki gets points for the innovative use of a cameraman to record the mark (beats using a cellphone, as some players did this year). How crazy did he go? His opponent was temperamental racket-smasher Ernests Gulbis, and he was telling Troicki to calm down.

3. Fabio Fognini: Wimbledon

Fall to the floor, wave hands dramatically while delivering a stream of Italian, turn around and shriek at the sky. It started as a tennis match, but an opera broke out. (Clip contains expletive in Italian.)

4. Victoria Azarenka: Madrid

Know your opponent, goes the saying, and that goes for umpires as well as other players. "After all you have done, how are you still in the game?" Azarenka demanded of Mariana Alves, who was in the chair for the infamous Jennifer Capriati-Serena Williams match, which featured several blown calls that helped lead to the establishment of Hawkeye. Azarenka, unaware she had already been called for unsportsmanlike behavior earlier in the match, was upset at receiving a point penalty in the third set.

5. Caroline Wozniacki: Doha

Wozniacki didn't get anywhere trying to argue for a point to be replayed after an "out" call from the crowd, so her father and coach, Piotr, took up the cause.

6. Tomas Berdych: Monte Carlo

Not too slow, not too fast. Berdych just couldn't get his head around the time violation rule, but he wasn't about to stop demanding answers.

7. Richard Gasquet: Miami

Another player, another time violation complaint. Gasquet's most famous show of frustration this year was throwing his socks on court at the US Open, but this one was perhaps his angriest.

8. Novak Djokovic: Madrid

Annoyed at the vociferous support for his opponent, Djokovic screamed an obscenity at the crowd after winning the second set. (Clip contains expletive in Serbian.)

9. Roger Federer: Australian Open

Federer is usually so well-controlled that even a racket smash or "Shut up" once a year makes news, so it was a bit shocking to see him deliver an expletive when accusing opponent Andy Murray of stopping during a previous point. Murray responded with a sardonic smile, later saying it was "very, very mild compared with what happens in other sports." (Clip contains expletive in English.)

10. David Ferrer: Indian Wells

His generally mild-mannered reputation made this show of anger over a call even more unexpected. (Clip contains expletive in English.)

*Footage was lacking, but two others that might have made the cut were Rafael Nadal furiously arguing a coaching violation in the third round of Indian Wells, and Anastasia Rodionova yelling and kicking bottles in the first round of Charleston.

And it's not just players -- even umpires can get in on the act sometimes.