Top '14 shot-makers: Monfils & Radwanska

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Perhaps not the winningest players in 2014, Gael Monfils and Agnieszka Radwanska were certainly the flashiest.

With that, your top shot-makers of the year.

Men: Gael Monfils

This usually comes down to a competition between Monfils and Grigor Dimitrov, though Dustin Brown is definitely starting to get a look with an improved ranking that allows him to show his skills at ATP events more often. Dimitrov, however, has ditched some of his showmanship in favor of a more disciplined, determined approach, which has seen him climb toward the top 10 in the rankings, and Brown still doesn't play a lot of high-profile matches.

But Monfils is as freewheeling as ever, leaping and hitting from everywhere in the court despite injured knees that regularly sideline him. He is at his best with big occasions and big crowds, as he showed in his straight-sets defeat of Roger Federer in front of a packed stadium in the Davis Cup final and taking a two-set lead against Federer in a night match on Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open a couple of months earlier.

Monfils hit so many dazzling shots, the bigger challenge might be choosing among them. Here's a selection that shows some of his range.

Slide, lunge and stretch. Or all at once.

This forward, between-the-legs leaping shot has become almost a signature move.

There's even touch.

When the opponent is 6-foot-6, this is not the easiest way to win a point.

He can do it looking the other way -- just twist to open.

He can even do it with the other hand.

Not that Dimitrov has gone completely on the straight and narrow, either. The 23-year-old Bulgarian still produced plenty of hot shots this season, but what makes this one so nice, is that he did it twice.

Women: Agnieszka Radwanska

There isn't a player on the WTA Tour who can match Radwanska for shot-making these days, with the 25-year-old becoming increasingly known for her improvisation and variety on court. Despite a subpar season that saw her reach only one Grand Slam semifinal and fall to No. 6 in the rankings, she added to her reputation for plucking spectacular shots from awkward positions. Here's a selection from the wand that is her racket.

This was voted the WTA's shot of the year, a backhand smash that few could pull off.

When the ball hits Radwanska's racket, it's anyone's guess what will happen.

It's not often that a player draws cheers and didn't win the point, but this backwards scoop backhand gets the crowd sitting up.

She can even do it sitting down.