We are ready to band together and fight

After practice Thursday we loaded the bus and headed to Knoxville. We grabbed some late lunch and hit the open road. Since we were heading to Tennessee, it was fitting that we watch the ever-popular movie "Walk the Line" to really tap into our inner country girl. While most of us on the bus enjoy that movie, we had a few objections from our Chi-town and Cali girls. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that movie was their first encounter with country music legend Johnny Cash, and let me just say, their reaction to his southern style was priceless.

Like always, our bus ride was full of movies and naps. My teammates all agree that I can sleep anywhere and have an uncanny ability to look so cozy on a bus. Personally, I think they just envy my sleeping style of curling up all compact because they insist on taking pictures of me every time I close my eyes.

This week has been great, and after watching so many super regionals get under way, we are even more excited to take the field.

A former Georgia Bulldog great, Herschel Walker, once said, "If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat." All year we have trained hard, and this weekend we hope this mentality will pay off. Super regionals are an exciting part of the season, and we are blessed to have another opportunity to put on our Georgia uniforms.

It's time to band together and fight and leave no room for what ifs. They say that all over the world, athletes are some of the most motivated people on the planet. While our coaches have helped guide us throughout this entire season, it's our team's self-motivation to succeed and work hard that has helped get us to where we are today. We are one of the 16 top teams in the country that have this opportunity to play and get to Oklahoma City.

Coach Gerry always tells us to enjoy the moment and the opportunity to compete. We are going to do just that. Every inning is a battle, and to win the war we must win every battle!

To all the teams playing this weekend, good luck. Go Dawgs!