Coaching honor extra-special

Yes, Fever coach Lin Dunn might like a couple of days off to prepare for the second half of the season, but she's thrilled to be coaching against Cheryl Reeve in the All-Star Game. Ron Hoskins/Getty Images

I'll be coaching the East in Saturday's WNBA All-Star Game, and I think it's obviously a great thing that Cheryl Reeve and I will be coaching this game.

It's always an honor to coach a marquee event like an All-Star Game. For both of us, it's a reflection of the good teams we have had, playing each other in the WNBA Finals last year, and so for that it's nice to be recognized.

What is special, though, is that it's the first time there have been two female coaches in the All-Star Game. That's saying something since this is the WNBA. I was actually surprised when I was told that was the case, since our league stands so strong for women. But I guess it just shows that we need to have more women win a championship!

Looking back, I guess we've just had three of us win a championship -- Anne Donovan, Cheryl and I. So I think it's good for the game. It's good to have female role models in leadership positions. It's another reason we need to have a female president!

Do I take any particular pride in being a part of the first game with opposing female coaches? Absolutely! I think that any time you have a woman in a leadership role who is successful, it creates a mentor role model for all women. I think that can only be positive.

The truth is, with the Indiana Fever, we've had a rough start to our season. Fortunately, we've gotten a little better of late, but my mind really hasn't been focused on coaching this weekend in Connecticut. I'd have loved to have a couple of extra days to recover for the second half of the season, but like I said, this is a benefit of being in the Finals last year.

For that, I wouldn't change a thing, and Cheryl and I will try to make things entertaining for the fans. See you at Mohegan Sun!