I can't help but smile

At the beginning of the season, many doubted Texas, but being one of the last four teams standing at the WCWS answered any questions. University of Texas Athletics Photography

It is with deep sorrow that I inform y'all the Texas Longhorns' run for a national championship has come to an end. We played our final game together Sunday night against the Tennessee Lady Vols and fell 2-1. While our season may have come up short of our ultimate goal, our journey is something to be remembered.

This 2013 team has put itself in the record books at the University of Texas and has accomplished more in this short time together than many teams only dream of doing. We were one of the last four teams standing at the Women's College World Series, which in itself is a respectable feat.

A lot of people can say they've experienced the WCWS from the stands or on television, but the fortunate few who get to stand in the middle of the crowded stadium under the lights while thousands of people cling to their seats in anticipation of the first pitch is a memory that will resonate with me forever.

At the beginning of the season, there was a lot of doubt being thrown our way. Will Texas ever make it back to the WCWS? Is Texas ever going to be as good as they once were?

And you know what? We made it to the WCWS. We are better than we've ever been before. And what we did this year will forever be imprinted in the hearts of many. For that, we thank you all.

As for me, it's a bittersweet feeling. While my time here at Texas has come to an end, I can't help but smile. Yes, I cried like a baby when that last out was made and the weight of the world felt like it was crashing down on me, but when I woke up this morning, I thought, "We lost. But we lost in the semifinals of the Women's College World Series. We did something that nobody else thought we could do. And that feels like a win to me."

Softball has been the catalyst of my life. What's that cliche saying? You can take the girl out of softball, but you can't take the softball out of the girl. I didn't choose the softball life, the softball life chose me. I will never stop loving the game, because it never stopped loving me.

And for the final time I'd like to say to you all, thanks and Hook 'Em Horns!