My top Sochi moments

Sage Kotsenburg's gold in the inaugural snowboard slopestyle event was something special. Julian Finney/Getty Images

The whirlwind that is the Olympic Games is almost over. Two full weeks of some of my favorite sports to watch and so many amazing moments that have inspired me. While I have been spending the last two weeks traveling in search of powder in Washington and Montana, I have been paying attention to what is happening over in Russia. Here are my top five moments from the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

1. Seeing one of my good friends Enni Rukajarvi carry the flag for the Finnish team during the parade of nations in the opening ceremonies.

There is something extremely special about the athlete that gets chosen to carry the flag of their nation during the Olympics and to see one of my fellow snowboarders on TV with that honor was really, really cool.

2. Watching Julia Lipnitskaya ice skate.

Ice skating is one of those sports that always catches my eye during the Olympics. I guess it is the girly side of me that loves the twirls and cute outfits but watching this girl skate was incredible. She just looked flawless and the fact that she is only 15 makes it seem like this is truly what she was meant to do.

3. A tie in downhill skiing?

Did anyone think that this was even possible? Down to tenths of a second and it turns out Slovenia and Switzerland both would walk away with a gold. I would say that absolutely crazy!

4. Seeing Sage Kotsenburg take the gold for the inaugural snowboard slopestyle event.

This event was so fun to watch; all the boys really stepped up and made the show something special for the world to see.

5. Opening ceremonies

I feel like every Olympic city tries to outdo the last Olympic city with the opening ceremonies show. Russia put on an amazing show; my favorite parts included the floating islands, fireworks and galloping horses.