It's unreal how season flies by

After three straight wins, Iowa State ends its regular season Tuesday night at home against Baylor. Iowa State Athletics

Coming off three straight wins, two of which were on the road, has been absolutely huge for our team as we finish up the regular season with Baylor on Tuesday night. Starting from our game against Texas, to an amazing win at No. 15 OSU, to a quality victory over KU, our team has been battling and sticking together in such an awesome way. March is an important part of our journey, and now with one more home game and then into the Big 12 tournament, we know we have to finish strong and keep fighting.

Once conference play started, it has been a nonstop journey. With back-to-back games lately I came to realize the big difference in scheduling in college compared with high school. Thank goodness for the upperclassmen helping to prepare us for it. They warned us ahead of time how fast it goes and how busy you get once you get into the meaty part of the season. Staying on top of schoolwork and sleep were major keys in helping ease the chaos.

During high school, I was used to one game every Friday and maybe a couple of weeks with two, and the traveling was only an hour bus ride at most. The college schedule -- two days of practice and then flying out that night for a Wednesday game and repeating it with a game on Saturday or Sunday -- was an adjustment for me. Even though the upperclassmen and coaches kept reminders of staying on top of school work and staying healthy, once you actually experience the late nights of traveling back and missing class you get a new perspective.

With tutors, study tables and the support of teammates and coaches, you easily get it worked out. I quickly learned communication with professors, whether it was on what I would be missing for class or making arrangements for exams/homework, was helpful in making sure everything worked out smoothly. Even though it was a bit much at first, once you get the hang of juggling everything, then the trips, games, memories you make all fall into perfect place.

It’s unreal how quickly the basketball season goes in college. Tuesday night against Baylor, which is Senior Night, is our last conference game before the Big 12 tournament. The schedule has flown by, but we still have to continue to battle, and there’s not a better way to finish the regular season than in front of the best fans in Hilton Coliseum!