My 10 best snapshots

Hilary Knight, a forward on the U.S. women’s hockey team that earned silver at the Sochi Olympics, takes a look back at her favorite photos from the Games -- and updates us on what’s next for her.

Who is ready for Sochi? We’re all leaning in for a group picture on Team USA’s flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to Sochi, Russia. We're exhausted at this point, but looking pretty savvy in our new Nike threads. Can't wait to land and get to the village -- it’s been too much travel!

Your Boston Bladies: Kelli Stack, Anne Schleper, me, Kacey Bellamy, Meghan Duggan and Molly Schaus. The six of us moved to Boston the previous year to train with the amazing Mike Boyle and play in the CWHL (Canadian Women’s Hockey League). The past two years have been quite the adventure! We figured we should get a picture at our plane’s gate before we arrived in Sochi.

Thanks to Brianne McLaughlin for posting this lovely picture. I wonder if she got more Twitter followers?! Since we had a game against Finland the following day at noon, our team decided it would be in our best interest not to attend the opening ceremonies. It was a difficult decision to make because there is no other feeling like walking in the opening ceremonies with Team USA. The event is always magnificent

Though we couldn’t walk, we still played dress-up and pretended we were there. Because of customs and different regulations, some of the athletes who were walking in the ceremony didn’t receive their Ralph Lauren boots in time, so I gave up my boots...and I guess I just got lost in all the excitement, and I forgot to put my pants on, too!

Straight chillin’. Jessie Vetter and I gained Bri as a roommate as soon as we set up the yoga mats, food/beverage service and Apple TV in our Olympic Village room. It was pretty well-equipped for people to come and hang out or just stop in and say hi. Since the walls were so thick (we were able to bounce bouncy balls off them -- don’t judge, we all have our inner-child moments), we had to leave our door open in order to get a decent Wi-Fi signal.

It was an important process we figured out one time when we lost our signal mid-show. I was joking around that I would go out in the hallway and do the “get Wi-Fi” dance in order to bring the signal back, and ultimately continue the show. As soon as we opened the door, the signal returned, and the show went on! Our room was absolutely hooked on the TV show “The Blacklist,” and terrified but addicted to “The Following.” Julie Chu had to stop watching because it scared her. Our TV time got a little out of control.

Oh, hey there, mind if I slide in? I’ve always wanted to be a goalie. And I get a little envious when I see how much fun they are having. These three (Vetter, Bri and Molly) are a blast, so it’s only natural that I would want to get a pic with them...right?

In order to participate in the Olympic Games, we needed to get visas. It just so happened that the picture we submitted for our visas was also the picture on our village and park credentials (mind you, you can’t do anything without your credentials -- it’s a three-week perma-lanyard around our necks). In the fall, we were asked to submit pictures for our visas, so I sent in mine, but my picture was rejected due to shadows.

I got frustrated with the process and decided to take my visa photo after a hard practice, when I had some pretty amazing helmet hair. Although I don't think the shadowing was any better for this approved visa picture, I think the visa-accrediting department was enamored by my ridiculously good-looking hair. Also, this photo looks like I have two black eyes and a prison stare as well.

I want to thank the officer who approved this picture, because I will forever have my credential as a memento from the Sochi Olympics. I might put my Vancouver credential on top just so I don’t get spooked when opening the memorabilia box!

This looks like it hurts with the needles and electric current and all. But this technique, called “dry needling” actually allows my muscles to relax. The needles release pressure in specific areas, and the electrical stimulation unit’s current allows for increased blood flow to the muscles.

After treatment, my leg feels loose -- as if it is about to fall off -- but the following day, I feel amazing and fully recovered, and wishing that I’d needled my entire body! The first day my teammates saw this treatment, they had looks of disgust on their faces for the first minute or two, and then they asked if they could touch the needles and a whole bag of questions ensued thereafter.

Monique Lamoureux asked what would happen if she turned up the stim unit, and we accidentally turned up the machine a little too high. It’s safe to say that I discovered muscles in my leg that I never knew you could see -- my quad fully flexed itself and literally leapt off the table. But everyone was OK, and we had a good laugh afterward.

Mo and I decided to have a little fun at our postgame team news conference. We might have been running on empty and no sleep, but hey, what better time for some laughs? One of the reporters at the conference managed to snap this pic of us having fun. Mo decided to write “JL+BD” in a heart to represent her sister, Jocelyne’s, engagement to Brent Davidson. I’m not engaged, nor am I dating someone, so I figured it would be best to quote Ron Burgundy from “Anchorman” (the first movie, obviously): I love Lamp. I wonder how many reporters actually understood our humor?

Cha-Ching! Bri is getting ready for the closing ceremonies. Bri captured my best moment while getting dressed for the opening ceremonies (remember that picture posted sans pants?).

She says it doesn’t take her long to look her best, and we strongly encouraged her not to go to the ceremony with her butterfly hair clip. It’s sexy, but maybe not event-appropriate (I think Ralph Lauren would agree).

After we got back from Sochi, I took a few (awesome) days off and went snowboarding up in Canada. Good times and lots of relaxing. Then I headed back to Boston, where we did our pre-Olympic training, to play for the Boston Blades in the CWHL.

The Blades are now in Markham, near Toronto, playing for the Clarkson Cup. This led to this hotel check-in moment where my bag was on top of one of the Canadian players’. Awkward! Though it’s back to hockey for the moment, I’m also busy planning a trip around the world after the season is over! Niiiiiice.