Going all out for our seniors

At this point in the season, Annie Mulholland and the Duke tennis team are fighting for the seniors. Courtesy of Whitney Hillis

It’s that time of the year again. The beautiful cherry blossoms are in bloom all over campus, K-ville is slowly turning green again, the BC plaza is buzzing with students enjoying the sunshine and the last day of classes is right around the corner.

It’s the most enjoyable time of the year for most students on campus. But for the student-athletes on spring sport teams, the end of the academic year means having to say good-bye to our seniors. Every year that we say goodbye to our beloved leaders we think maybe next year it will get easier -- it never does.

Marianne Jodoin and Hanna Mar are two of the most impressive people I know, and both embody everything that Duke women’s tennis, Duke athletics, and Duke University stand for.

As a junior transfer, Marianne came into Duke at a time in a student’s college career when one normally starts to hit their stride. She hit the ground running, and didn’t let anything faze her. She has seamlessly fit into our team dynamic and has always brought an electric positive energy. She is incredibly kind, thoughtful, and selfless, and I feel privileged to call her one of my best friends.

I’m so excited for Hanna to graduate, not because I want her to leave but because I want more than anything for her to finally be able to say she got her math degree! She is one of the hardest workers I know, and I am so proud of everything she has accomplished and of the person she has become along the way. Whether it’s little “minute physics” videos, Harry Potter fun facts, or her weekly sandwich-Monday blog, Hanna always looks to better those around her. Over the past three years I have watched her blossom into a remarkable person who will go on to do spectacular things.

Both of our amazing seniors have given so much of themselves to this team and to our program that from now on, we fight for them, we chase titles for them, we try to make the next month last as long as possible -- all for them.