A smashing time at the Velodrome

Jenny Fletcher

Woo-hoo, I have always wanted to experience the Velodrome -- and this was an experience like no other.

Here are some more photos:

Back at the Oakley Safehouse, Andreas Raelert was in for a bit, and Martina van Berkel does the 200-meter butterfly. I was loving the colored nails!!

Then I was able to head to the Velodrome and watch track cycling. It was so fun. I'd never been before and had always wanted to see it. I think I picked the best venue for a first-timer. I'd love to try it, but I definitely would have to wear protective equipment. I'm sure I'd crash a lot at first.

The Brits are smashing the track -- well, actually everything -- and no wonder when you are in the arena with the fans yelling so loudly for you. It's inevitable, you can't go slow. I think I'm gonna try it.

Well, that was another full day for me. Having the best time. Stay tuned for more.