The importance of Father's Day

Lynx star Seimone Augustus knows she has to make Father's Day as special for her dad, Seymore, as Mother's Day is for her mom, Kim. Courtesy of Seimone Augustus

Father's Day means a lot. My dad [Seymore Augustus] always talks about how everybody celebrates Mother's Day and makes such a big deal about it. He wishes there was more enthusiasm for Father's Day.

It means a lot to be able to have my father in my life to be there and guide me. He's the one who put the basketball in my hand, and he protects me with all his might. It's great to have a father that dedicated.

When I think about Father's Day, I think about some of my fondest memories with my dad. A lot of those surrounded basketball. I remember riding bikes to the local recreation centers, which were, like, 10 miles away, so my dad sort of tricked me into training and having fun at the same time. We would go to any basketball game you could think of, and basketball was at the center of our bonding.

One significant moment in our relationship was when I played basketball at Louisiana State University. It meant everything. Seeing the glow on his face when I made it to a four-year college, and especially a college like LSU with so much history, was really great.

I'm so thankful for the qualities he's passed along to me. His hard work, his focus, his dedication to whatever it is that he's doing at the time -- that's what we have in common. In basketball, for instance, he wanted to make sure that I was one of the best. After work, he got out there with me on the court and made sure I had all the equipment and the drills that I needed. And I feel that's the same thing for me now. Basketball is my job. I work hard every day I come out on the court and dedicate myself to the game, just like my dad applied it to me.

My dad starts talking about Father's Day as soon as May ends. It's double trouble because his birthday is on June 10, so he wants his birthday gift and his Father's Day gift right after each other. And of course it has to be at the same level of whatever I got my mom for Mother's Day. So I have to make sure to get him a good gift this year!

Hopefully I can play well and win a game for him on Father's Day on Sunday when my Minnesota Lynx teammates and I play the Phoenix Mercury on ESPN2 (1 p.m. ET). That'd be a good gift along with whatever I get him!