Richard Sherman's Twitter Feud O'The Day: Patrick Peterson

As the laws of the Internet dictate -- another day, another Twitted feud for Richard Sherman. On Wednesday, the Seattle Seahawks CB was apparently just searching for his name on the social networking site when he stumbled upon the tweet below.

As Patrick Peterson just signed a $48-million deal with the Arizona Cardinals -- the biggest contract for any cornerback in history -- Sherman was clearly already feeling a little slighted. So he did what any bitter middle-school kid would do and channeled all of his passive aggression into a retweet. Peterson then somehow managed to look up from counting his new stacks of money for a moment and responded to the dig with a move straight from Sherman’s playbook.

Sherman then retorted in the most perfect way possible.

Hard to argue with that. You win this round, Richard. Too bad there isn’t a way to factor this into, you know, your contract or something.

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