Tampa Bay News Station's Bitter Tweet About Detroit Goes Awry ... Quickly

As you’ve probably heard from your best friend, great-aunt and third-grade teacher on Facebook by now, pitcher David Price was dealt to the Detroit Tigers as part of a three-team deal shortly before Thursday’s trade deadline. And while most Tampa Bay Rays fans were understandably disappointed to lose the Cy Young Award winner, one local news outlet decided to channel its sads into a bitter tweet attacking the city of Detroit. It has since been deleted, but not before it had been seen and saved by EVERYONE ON THE PLANET.

So, that happened. After the immediate backlash, FOX 13 weakly attempted to correct itself with an “Anchorman” quote and apology.

However, despite FOX 13’s apology efforts, FOX 2 in Detroit found a way to get the last laugh with the most perfect -- and accurate -- response ever.

Well played, Detroit. Well played. And if you’re still not sure which city won this battle, please just take a look at the starting pitching rotations between the two teams and it should be abundantly clear.

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