Cry foul! Fan shares digits on TV

Stephen Kondor, a high school kid who was at Sunday’s Atlanta Braves-San Diego Padres game, came THIS close to catching a foul ball. And then Freedie Freeman, the Braves’ totally selfish first baseman, stole it away. Womp, womp.

Kondor, however, refused to let Freeman completely take his moment in the spotlight and made the most of his televised interview with Fox Sports South’s Tom Hart. After answering questions about his near catch, Kondor was asked about his relationship status. Kondor doesn’t have a girlfriend, so he took the opportunity to share his phone number with the thousands of fans watching the game and a “hit me up!” line. It’s your lucky day, ladies!

According to Hart, Kondor has received more than 3,000 texts from Braves fans -- of both genders -- since his interview aired.

Apologies in advance to all those in Kondor’s class who have to share something about their summer vacation after this story gets told.

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